Gobo Moving Head & Cobra Bag Set

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  • 2 x Gobo Moving Head
  • 40w CREE LED
  • Ideal for Installation
  • Strong Padded Equipment Bag
  • Front Zip Up Pocket for Accessories
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A professional LED gobo projector loaded with a bright 32W White LED that can be DMX controlled or manually used making it perfect for shop displays, small theatrical stages and mobile entertainers. The Ikon profile features IEC daisy chaining for quick and easy set-up, drop in slot for custom gobos and adjustable beam angle (15-30 degree) and focus controls. Framing shutters are an excellent feature for this well priced product making the Ikon profile exceptionally versatile in most situations. A floor standing bracket is included front of stage mounting or semi-permanent installation use. Included in the box are 4 metal gobos and one glass gobo which gives a 3D appearance.

Power Consumption: 240w

This product contains the following items..
MH40 Gobo Moving Head
2 x MH40 Gobo Moving Head
10 In Stock
PADDED EQUIPMENT BAG 240 x 240 x 330
2 x Padded Equipment Bag 240 x 240 x 330mm
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