BriteQ BTX-180LS LED Moving Head

Code: BTX180LS
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  • 180 Watt LED
  • 540/270 Degree Pan & Tilt
  • 17 DMX Channels
  • 2 Colour Wheels Including UV
  • 2 Gobo Wheels
  • Prism Effect
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A professional LED moving head, the Briteq BTX-180LS uses a 180 watt LED and advanced 16 degree optics for a super bright output. Perfect for large venues, hire companies and clubs. There are two gobo wheels; one is rotating which allows gobos to be overlapped for even greater effects especially when used with the 3 facet prism. Two colour wheels provide plenty of colour variations which include 3200k, 5600k and UV. The electronic focus stops the need to manually focus the light and allows the user to programme so that the image is focused no matter what the position is. The unit can work in standalone mode with the built-in microphone picking up the bass beat, but this type of light works best when linked to a DMX controller as you will get full use out of all of its features. Connections are made easy with Neutrik Powercons in and out as well as a choice of 3 or 5 pin XLR's.

Mains Input: 100 - 240Vac
Power Consumption: 330w
LED: 180w
Dimensions: 435.1 x 343.6 x 536.6mm
Weight: 17.5Kg