Atomic Professional Moving Head with 2R Lamp

Code: BEAM2R
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  • Moving Head with 132w 2R Discharge Lamp
  • 5 Operating Modes
  • Colour Wheel with 12 Colours
  • 14 Gobo Wheel
  • 8 Facet Prism
  • Electronic Dimmer
  • PowerCon Cable Included
£407.00 inc VAT

A professional grade moving head beam fixture for the serious lighting user. This moving head is equipped with a 136W 2R discharge lamp (included) and produces bright strong beams with an opening angle of 0-2.5degrees and high grade optics. A large colour wheel containing 12 colours + white and a 14 gobo wheel + open. In addition to this, it also features an 8-facet prism for splitting any image up to create wider beams. A motorised focus makes things 10x easier when mounted high or in a fixed installation where access can be difficult. For those wanting full control of this excellent fixture, 15 channels of DMX can be tapped in to enabling fantastic light shows when operated in multiples. The perfect partner in crime for hire and touring companies as well as installers that need a powerful and reliable light source.

Mains Input: 100-220Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 260w
Lamp: 2R 132w Discharge Lamp
DMX Channels: 15
Dimensions: 430 x 250 x 340mm
Weight: 12Kg