Lithium 1500 RGB Laser

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  • 1500mW RGB Laser
  • DMX, Auto & Sound Control
  • ILDA & SD Card Input
  • Adjustable Zoom 1-36 Degrees
  • Safety Key Switch
£649.00 inc VAT

An exceptional RGB animation and beam laser that features a 500mW red laser, 200mW Green laser and a super bright 800mW blue laser. The Lithium features an SD card reader so the user can transfer animations from applicable ILDA software without the use of a permanent data lead. Full DMX control can be had of this superb fixture using 24 channels in order to reap all the features this laser has on-board. A simple to use menu navigation system is controlled by an intuitive rotary dial on the rear of the unit which can be found next to an image size dial for user adjustments to the laser output. An all metal housing makes this fixture not only suitable for permanent installation but also perfect for on the road us such as mobile entertainers and hire companies.

Mains Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Laser: 500mW Red, 200mW Green & 800mW Blue
DMX Channels: 24
Dimensions: 320 x 260 x 160mm
Weight: 4.26Kg