Club Laser 7 Mk3 Lighting Effect

Code: LASER-7
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  • Sophisticated Laser System
  • Three Powerful Laser Diodes
  • 7 Colour Mixing
  • Use Stand Alone With 128 Programs
  • Use DMX or ILDA Software for Complete Control
  • Project Images and Graphics
  • Connect Directly To Your Laptop
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A superb seven colour club laser with 300mW Red, 40mW Green and 140mW Blue laser diodes. Fast scanners ensure rock steady sharp images containing up to 7 colours, through colour mixing. Easy to use just plug it in and use one of the 128 internal music/auto controlled programs, or several units can be connected in master slave mode. If you want more control use the DMX input for full access to the internal programs or use ILDA compatible software to create stunning shows direct from your laptop. Laser projections can be adapted to the size of the venue with X/Y image zoom controls. Graphics can be mirrored for projections behind a transparent screen. Blanking technology gives clear separate beams. Suitable for clubs, concerts, publicity, exhibitions, and much more … Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 for Laser Safety. Supplied in a flight case.

Mains Input: AC 230V, 50Hz
Laser Power: 50mW Green, 300mW Red, 140mW Blue
Dimensions: 580mm x 160mm x 340mm
Weight: 11.9kg