Selecon Rama 1000 Watt PC Theatre Spot

Code: S16RP
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  • 4-10m Throw Distance
  • Abjustable Beam Angle 7-50 Degrees
  • Modern Compact Design
  • Integrated Safety Cable
  • PC Lense
£348.00 inc VAT

Easy to use, versatile stage lighting tool for general stage lighting, side, top and back light angles. The well controlled beam allows use from front of house positions, particularly box booms/side auditorium positions. Beams can be easily blended together to provide visually even illumination. It has automatic mains power isolation when opened for lamping so no chance of mounting a lamp into a live socket.

Fitting supplied without lamp, lamp can be purchased separately.

Throw Distance: 2-18m
Beam Angle: 5-60°
Lamp: 1000-1200 Watt GX9.5
Dimensions: 370mm x 290mm x 405mm

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