Selecon PL1 RGBW LED Fresnel Spot

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  • A single RGBW LED source
  • Traditional fresnel lense
  • Only draws 150 watts max
  • No multiple colour shadows
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A LED fresnel with soft edged light output, so multiple luminaires can be blended together. Designed by Philips Selecon with the professional lighting engineer in mind, this light offers several advantages over conventional luminaries. A traditional Fresnel lens is strapped to a powerful LED source so there is no need to replace lamps. Heat is minimal and dimmer packs are not required, just simply select a colour from the easy to use menu or take full control with DMX. Almost any colour can be chosen, including warm white and pastel shades. All this can be done in one light, so no more multiple fixtures to mix colour washes.

Mains Input: 100-240 Vac
Power Consumption: 150 Watts
LED: RGBW 4 in 1 120 Watt
Dimensions: 448 x 298 x 208mm
Weight: 5.6Kg