Selecon PL1 RGBW LED Cyc Flood

Code: PLCYC1
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  • RGBW 120 watt LED cyclorama or ground row luminaire
  • Any colour can be made including warm white and pastel colours
  • DMX controlled 8 or 16 channel
  • For small to medium sized stages up to 5m high
  • Smooth fading and no colour shadows
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The Selecon PLCYC1 is part of the new generation of LED luminaires by Philips. The PLCYC1 is a RGBW LED cyclorama flood, it deliveries the same output as a 1000 watt traditional luminaire but there is no need to change gel filters due to its ability to create almost any colour including warm/cool whites, pastel shades and many more. Designed for stages up to 5m high a PLCYC1 can be positioned every 1.35m for best results. Only drawing around 168 watts if all colours were at full brightness and power can be daisy chained with Neutrik powercons. There is a simple to use menu display on the rear where you can set your own pre-set colour or put the unit into 16 or 8 channel DMX mode. Fading between colours is seamless and there is a gentle fade to off when using a controller. Colour mixing is done at the LED so there is no annoying colour shadows.

Mains Input: 100-240 Vac
Power Consumption: 168 Watts
LED: RGBW 4 in 1 120 Watt
Dimensions: 270 x 363 x 300mm
Weight: 3.4Kg