Eurolight Stage Floodlight 4 X 300-500 Watt

Code: FLOOD45
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  • Fourway Stage Floodlight
  • Compatible with 300 or 500 Watt Halogen Lamp
  • Supplied with Safety Gille & Colour Gel Frame
  • Bulb & Plug Not Supplied
£132.00 inc VAT

A four-lamp stage flood that can be fitted with a 300 or 500 watt halogen lamps. A low cost way to provide large amounts of flood light. Safety grille and colour gel frame are supplied. 1 and 6 way versions are also available.

Fitting supplied without a plug or lamp these can be purchased separately.

This light is an installation product. It comes fitted with a European plug, this can be cut off and a suitable connector can be fitted or an adaptor can be purchased separately.

Lamp: R7S 240v/300w
Dimensions: 150 x 600 x 180mm
Weight: 4.9 kg