Elation TF500-S Symmetric Flood

Code: TF500-S
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  • High Quality Aluminium Reflector System
  • Symmetric Beam Characteristics
  • Road Proof Aluminium Housing
  • Uses Standard R7s Lamp
  • Includes Filter Frame
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The TF500-S theatre flood offers light designers the capability to light up walls and big surfaces . These floodlights are especially designed to meet theatre and touring requirements. Symmetric reflectors are best if you want to place the light in the middle of the surface you want to light up or want increasing/decreasing light intensity. The flood is equipped with a adjustable bracket and safety grid. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum. Supplied without plug or lamp. Features include: • 500 Watt power • High quality aluminum reflector system • Symmetric characteristics • Road proof aluminum housing • Uses cheap, standard R7s lamps • Includes filterframe
Lamp: R7S 240v/500w 118mm
Size: 196 x 290 x 290mm
Weight: 4.5Kg