Sweetlight DMX Interface Rack

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  • Windows & Mac Compatible
  • 3 Pin DMX Inputs & Outputs
  • Optical Isolation
  • 16 Programmable Scenes
  • Rack Mountable
£499.00 inc VAT

A DMX rack mountable interface, for use with Sweetlight software. This unit can be used standalone or can be permanently connected to a PC. There are 16 flash buttons, which allows for storage of 16 scenes into the unit. These can then be called back by simply pressing a scene button. A great installation product for venues where scene/programme change is necessary but constant programming with a PC is not needed. This product is also very good for storing back up programmes if a PC fails. The Sweetlight rack has a DMX input so an external desk can be connected.

Unit Size:1U
Dimensions: 483 X 130 X 44MM
Weight: 1.8Kg