LED Colour Chief DMX Controller

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  • Easy Control of LED Pars with up to 6 Colours
  • For 8 Lights or Groups with up to 4 Lights
  • Each Light can use up to 30 Channels
  • Quick & Easy Programming
  • 24 Space Memory for Scenes & Chases
  • USB Port for Data Storage of Lighting Programs
  • Rack Mountable
£138.00 inc VAT

The Colour Chief DMX controller has been developed especially for both colored spot lights and simple light effects. Altogether, the Color Chief can control a total of 8 spot lights, these 8 spot lights can have up to 30 channels each. A special feature of this control is the ability to control par bar lights, so a light with 4 par heads on one bar.

As the name suggests, the Color Chief’s is perfect for controlling lights with colours. This can be any type of LED par up to 6 colours, so it can be a RGB par or an RGBW par as well. Thanks to the color wheel function, you can also control lights with a colour wheel.

Of course, the Color Chief offers more than color control. You can also adjust the dimmer, shutter and three free channels, thus you can also control simple beam effects, lasers and projectors.

Memorizing your scenes is just as easy. When you have created a nice scene and want to memorize it as a new step you just press the Store button. This way you can easily create individual scenes and chases which can be stored on up to 24 memory banks. However, you can also easily add steps at any position, edit previously memorized scenes or delete steps.

With the Color Chief you can run more than one chase, so you can use several chases and scenes simultaneously. What is more, every chase can have its own running time and fade time, i.e. you can determine for each chase how fast it should run and if the fade effect should be hard or soft. Of course, you can change these settings anytime.

The Color Chief has a USB interface that can be used to memorize the entire control panel with all its settings and programs. You can memorize up to 24 complete setups on a USB flash drive. Making it very easily to manage different shows or fixture arrangements.

Features Include: Easy control of LED spotlights with up to 6 colors, light bars as well as simple lighting effects, For 8 devices or device group, Each device can occupy up to 30 channels, Quick and easy programming, Fixtures can be configured manually, 8 color effects directly select able, 3 additional channels available per fixture (e.g. for rotations), 24 memory spaces for scenes and chases, Several chases can be run simultaneously, USB port for data storage of lighting programs, Sound control via audio signal or TAP button, Master dimming, fade time and run time easily adjustable, Very simple to program and use, 3-pin XLR connection.

Power Supply: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 10w
DMX Output: 3 Pin XLR
Unit Size: 3U
Dimensions: 482 x 132 x 85mm
Weight: 2.2Kg