4 Zone 100v Ceiling Speaker Installation Kit

Code: PAA-019
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  • 12 High Quality Ceiling Speakers
  • 4 Zone Amplifier
  • Hill Audio Multi Media Player
  • Speaker Cable Inclusive
  • 100V Line System
£849.00 inc VAT

A four zone ceiling speaker set offering good versatility for a range of applications. Each zone can be turned on and off, or the volume can be individually controlled within each zone. The set comes complete with 12 ceiling speakers, suitable amplifier, 4 wall mount volume controls, desktop microphone, 200m of speaker cable and a lead to connect a suitable MP3 player or laptop. Each of the speakers within one zone are daisy chained and then wired back to the amplifier. The volume controls are put in-line between each amplifier zone output and the first speaker in each zone, the volume can then either go near the amplifier or in the room for each zone. If you need any help, have any questions, or need to modify any components in our PA kits then please do not hesitate to email or give us a call. We can supply a custom made quotation for almost any PA or install requirement.