Large Music Venue Kit

Code: PPS-050
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  • Eight Speaker System
  • 3.8Kw Audio System
  • Four 600w Sub-Woofers
  • Audio Amplification & Processing Included
  • Heavy Duty Speaker Wall Mounts
£4539.00 inc VAT

A powerful speaker system totalling 3.8Kw comprising of four 15” full range Vibe speakers and four 18” Vibe sub-woofers. This large PA kit is suitable for large music venues that host bands, private functions, dance nights and almost any musical application. Four high quality digital slimline power amplifiers supply the speakers with enough power for venue capacities of 250/300 people. A 5 channel Hill Audio zone mixer is at the heart of this system where multiple audio sources can be connected alongside 2/4 microphones. An auxiliary lead is bundled in with this package so any iPod, MP3 device or laptop can be connected easily. Four heavy duty wall speaker brackets are supplied to fly the 15” full range speakers. These ideally need to be placed in each corner of the dance floor or evenly space throughout the venue whilst the sub-woofers are to be kept close to the dance floor for those deep bass lines. 200 metres of 2.5mm speaker cable is supplied but should more be required it can be purchased by the metre or drum by using our code 'LSC250R'.

Total Power: 3800w RMS