100 Volt Horn Loudspeaker 250 X 145

Code: L87HORN
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  • ABS Material
  • IP65 Rated
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
£48.00 inc VAT

These horns are made from extremely tough, UV resistant ABS material and offering maximum protection against shock and weather. Rated at IP65 they are ideal for mounting in extreme conditions, whether on vehicles, boats or in exposed outdoor installations. Fitted with a sturdy, 270° adjustable mounting bracket.

Input voltage: 100V
Power RMS: 15W
Power Max: 23W
Impedance: 670/1k/4k Ohms
Frequency range: 275Hz-7kHz
SPL@1kHz/1W/1m: 106dB
Dimensions: 250 x 145 x 290mm
Weight: 1.88kg.