Behringer Virtualiser FX2000 Effects Processor

Code: FX2000
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  • 71 Breathtaking algorithms
  • Awesome modualtion, dynamic, psychoacoustics
  • Authentic amp simulation, distortion and Eq
  • 11 Effects combinations
  • 7 Adjustable parameters and 2 band Eq per effect
  • 100 Pre-sets and 100 user defined
£113.00 inc VAT

The Behringer FX2000 effects processor can be used with keyboards, guitars or vocals and is suitable for line or studio applications. Reverb is a very popular effect so Behringer have produced 12 variations which include cathedral, gold plate, small hall, room concert etc. There are 3 types of delay, stereo, tape and ping pong. But this unit is more than just a delay and reverb unit, it also has modulation and pitch shifter effects, some of which include flanger, chorus, phaser, vibrato and tremolo. It doesn't end there with this unit as the dynamic effects include compressor, expander, gate and de-esser. The psychoacoustic effects include exciter, enhancer and ultra-bass. Filter and distortion effects can be added and one of the special fx is the vinylizer which will make any recorded signal sound like vinyl. So many features are packed into this 1u rack mount box.

Dimensions: 482 x 204 x 44mm
Weight: 2Kg