Behringer FBQ3102 Ultragraph Pro Graphic Equaliser

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  • 31 Band stereo graphic equaliser
  • 6 or 12 db cut or boost
  • Subwoofer output
  • Sweepable high & low filters
  • Feedback detection system
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A 31 band stereo graphic equaliser for live and studio applications. Graphics have always been a key part to any sound system, whether it is to help adjust the sound variations in different venues, to cut out feedback or just adjust frequencies on singer’s vocals. Behringer have taken the graphic to the next level, they have included a feedback detection system which also can be used as an audio analyser, a sub-woofer output with adjustable frequency, high/low cut filters to reduce floor vibrations, hiss etc and relay controlled bypass with auto bypass if the unit’s power fails. This unit has ultra-low noise op amps and a shielded toroidal transformer for the best possible sound quality with servo balanced inputs and outputs and a rugged construction to ensure long life.

Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 515 x 145 x 230mm
Weight: 2.6Kg