19-Inch Black Blank Rack Panels

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  • Strong 19 Inch Panels
  • Return Flange Top & Bottom
  • Made From Steel
  • Tough Black Finish
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A range of 19" black, rack mounting panels for filling holes in racks or manufacturing customised panels. Order code F43 and F117 are punched with slots for ventilation purposes. F109 is punched to accept up to three 120mm (F24) fans for forced ventilation. All the panels have a return flange on the top and bottom edge which stabilises the panel and stops them bending.
Material: Steel
F122, 1/2U, Blank, 22 x 482 x 11mm
F36, 1U, Blank, 44 x 482 x 11mm
F37, 2U, Blank, 88 x 482 x 11mm
F38, 3U, Blank, 132 x 482 x 11mm
F75, 4U, Blank, 176 x 482 x 11mm
F364, 5U, Blank, 220 x 482 x 11mm
F365, 6U, Blank, 264 x 482 x 11mm
F43, 1U, Vent Panel, 44 x 482 x 11mm
F117, 2U, Vent Panel, 88 x 482 x 11mm
F109, 3U, Vent Panel, 132 x 482 x 11mm