Stage Lighting Kit with 8 RGBW Lights, Stands & DMX Controller

Code: SLS-033
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  • Slim RGBW LED Par Cans
  • 2 Lighting Stands for Mounting Lights
  • Double Bracket for Uplighting
  • 24 Channel DMX Desk
  • Combined IEC/XLR Link Leads Supplied
£744.00 inc VAT

All you need for a small stage, this RGBW stage system consists of two stands, 8 powerful RGBW cans, DMX controller and all the necessary cables. Suitable for school theatres, lighting bands and entertainers. The controller can give control over two lights at one time or simple control over each stand as a group is achievable. The controller allows scenes and chases to be saved easily and quickly, so after a little bit of programming the user can recall scenes by moving one slider up and down. The RGBW colour control allows you to set almost any colour, these can include pastel types and with almost no heat output. This is an ideal choice for performers. Just plug in and use. The lights are fan cooled so produce a little bit of noise but this is easily outweighed by the price and power of this kit.

Power Consumption: 600w

This product contains the following items..
70w RGBW Slim LED Par
8 x RGBW Slimline Quad Led Par Stage Light
16 In Stock
Lighting Stand 2.7 Metres Light Load I
2 x Lighting Stand 2.7 Metres Light Load Inc T-Bar
10 In Stock
1 x Cobra Colour Control 12 DMX Controller
6 In Stock
IEC and XLR Combined DMX Lighting Cabl
6 x IEC – XLR Combined Cable 1.3M
In Stock
IEC and XLR Combined DMX Lighting Cabl
2 x IEC – XLR Combined Cable 10M
In Stock