Multiform LED Controller

Code: LC300H
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  • 4 Operation modes: Black out, Strobe, All on, Pattern
  • 10 programs and 10 preset colours
  • Small and easy to use
  • Can be used with any multiform 4 channel DMX lights
  • LC400F foot controller can be inserted
£95.00 inc VAT

This DMX LED hand-held controller is specifically designed to work with the Multiform LS1310, LS1130 and LS3042 LED lights. This MultiLED hand-held controller focuses on giving the user access to the most frequently used pre-sets, such as chaser patterns, colour choices, scene settings and strobe options, at the touch of a button. Pre-sets can be adjusted in key parameters, but no programming is necessary, which makes the whole system “plug-and-play”. Bands, mobile DJs, small clubs and venues, as well as commercial applications from exhibition to display and shop lighting, will find the MultiLED hand-held controller the best and most versatile way to control their Multiform LED lighting system.

Dimensions: 353 x 76 x 100mm
Weight: 1.1kg