LEDCON-02 Lighting Controller

Code: LEDCON-02
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  • Compatible with CSP-300 LEDMAN-100 & MICROPMAN Controllers
  • 4 or 8 Channel LED Light Modulator
  • Integrated Music Control & Chases
  • Fixed Colour Mode
  • Instant Access to 9 Pre-Programmed Colours
  • Static Chase Mode
  • 12 Colour Chases
  • Sound Chase Mode
  • Spectrum Mix
  • Adjustable Speed & Dimmer
  • Blackout & Full On Function
£78.00 inc VAT

The LEDCON-02 is an all round led remote control with extreme flexibility! the unit will control PLANO and PLANO7 led par cans directly, with facilities to work in groups of four or eight. The controller will also work as a remote control for the power supplies CSP-300, LEDMAN-100 and MICROMAN.
Features Include: Instant access to 9 pre-programmed colours, 12 colour chases with manual speed control or audio triggering, 32 colour fades and mixes, plus blackout and full on..

Dimensions: 210 x 140 x 46mm
Weight: 930g