JB Systems RF-DMX Wireless DMX Converter

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  • Wireless DMX Controller
  • Simple Remote Handset
  • 100 Metre Range
  • Can Be Used With Dimmers
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Wireless remote control for many JB systems DMX light effects. This set contains 2 parts: A small, wireless remote and wireless receiver with a DMX output for connecting to the fitting. Different DMX channel set-ups are pre-programmed for use with various DMX projectors and effects. Simple to use and great for cutting down on wiring.
The RFDMX can work with many JB systems scanners and moving heads, any make of LED PAR Can with the DMX layout RGBD, any make of switch pack up to 12 channels and any dimmer pack with up to 6 channels.
When using this remote on JB System effects lights i.e. the Sirus, you can control 4 groups with selection of colour, gobo and blackout. When used with LED fixtures with the DMX layout of RGBD you can control colour selection, brightness, blackout and fade programme.
With dimmer and switch packs it is easy to achieve simple control of dimming or switching.
This small controller is suitable for application that need some simple control without using expensive and hard to use DMX controllers.

Features include:
• Small remote with 13 buttons.
• Works up to 100m from remote to receiver
• Different modes selectable by dip switches.
• Can work on any fixtures with the DMX layout RGBD.
• Works on many JB Systems scanners and moving heads.
• Can be used on dimmers and switch packs.

Power Supply: 9Vdc 300mA
DMX Output: 3 pin XLR
Dimensions: 101 x 72 x 39mm
Weight: 0.4kg