Cobra Speaker Wall Bracket

Code: CLS-113
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  • Strong Wall Mount Bracket
  • 35mm Pole
  • Vertical & Horizontal Adjustment
  • Four 10mm Fixing Holes
£14.95 inc VAT

A strong wall mounting bracket for supporting speakers with a weight of up to 30kg. The Vertical and horizontal angle can be adjusted, and there is a back support to stop the speaker swivelling. Please note the bracket is only as strong as the wall and fixings you use.

Why Choose Cobra Stands?
Cobra stands have a longstanding reputation as an experienced, reliable & robust stand manufacturer for the stage and entertainment industry. We believe a stand should be well made, using high quality metal work and robust hardware to ensure complete stability and withstand the demands of everyday use; Whether that be at home, during a gig, out on the road or in a school environment. Using only the highest quality materials and components, the Cobra stand delivers outstanding results time after time. In fact we are so confident that we offer a 2 year guarantee on all of our stands.

There are many products within the range including music stands, mic stands, lighting ,speaker stands and many more!

- Robust Hardware and Fixings

- Strong and Durable Metal Work

- Incredibly Stable

- Long Working Life

- Foldable Designs

- Easy Turn Knobs

- Professional Look for Life on the Road

- Some Models Completely Adjustable

- 2 Year Warranty

- Materials of REACH Standard

Max SWL:30kg
Pole Diameter: 35mm
Fixing Holes: 4 x 10mm
Spigot to wall: 300mm
Plate Dimensions: 50 x 40mm
Weight: 2kg