Cobra Rack Case With 10U Top And 12U Bottom

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  • Complete Accessibility
  • Sloping Top
  • Front Facing Rack Space
  • Strong Laminated Ply Construction
  • High Quality fittings
  • Removable Casters
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Complete rack case with removable front, top cover and hinged back. There is space to put 10 units of equipment on the top and 12 on the front face of the case. The top section hinges and locks in a sloping position. The rear hinged/removable door makes for easy cable access. Tough construction using laminated ply board and full aluminium trim. Supplied with castors

Why Choose Cobra Case?
Cobra case have a longstanding reputation as a reliable, robust, flightcase and protective bag manufacturer for the stage and entertainment industry.

We understand that the money invested in expensive lighting and audio equipment can be substantial and therefore it makes complete sense to protect your equipment wherever possible, be that in storage or in transit! Well protected equipment will last much longer and we are true believers that spending a little extra on a protective case or bag could well save you having to spend out again on replacing damaged equipment! There are a range of options for all, including laminated plywood cases or the simpler padded equipment bags. Depending upon your application there are different advantages to each, and what equipment you plan to carry will go someway to deciding which is the best option for you. Both the cases and bags are well finished with tough hardware, zips and handles, giving not only the ultimate protection but a professional look time after time.

Cobra Flight CasesOur flight cases offer the ultimate in product protection. Designed by people who actually use them in the field, Cobra flight cases use 7mm laminated plywood, strong catches & quality hardware to deliver incredible results for use on the road. With options for most standard pieces of audio equipment and many versatile options for less obvious equipment, there is sure to be a case for everyone!

- Robust Metal Catches on all Openings

- Tough 7mm Laminated Plywood Construction

- Strong Metal Drop Carrying Handles

- Aluminium Trim to Protect Edges

- Heavy Duty Metal Corners

- Protects Expensive Equipment

- Keeps Equipment Organised

- Professional Look for Life on the Road

- Available in a Range of Sizes

Bottom vertical Section: 528mm (12U)
Sloping Section: 450mm (10U)
Dimensions: 550 x 620 x 780mm
(not including casters)
Max depth of equipment: 500mm
Weight: 33Kg