Digital Feedback Destroyer

Code: DFE1224
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  • Automatic Feed Back Destroyer
  • 12 Real Time Notch Filters
  • Jack and XLR Connections
  • Large LCD Display
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The DFE-1224 is a feedback detection device that can be used in dual channel or mono mode. The feedback system analyses all frequencies in the signal path, determines the cause of the feedback and cancels it by implementing its 12 real-time high precision notch filters. The system is adjustable in 15 steps, allowing the user to change the eliminators sensitivity to audio feedback according to the situation requirements. Settings saved in the internal memory are retained should the power fail, or until you next use the eliminator. There are 20 memories available, with 4 factory pre-sets and 16 user pre-sets. The DFE-1224 has an analogue bypass and can be connected via MIDI or USB for external control and two way movements of data.

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